8 considerations for first time hot tub shoppers

So you've decided to "dive" into owning your first hot tub! Congratulations! If you've already started shopping around then you probably know how overwhelming all the features & options can be. Well our experts want to help so we compiled this list of 8 considerations for first time hot tub shoppers!

8 Tips for choosing your first hot tub

  • Size
This is a pretty basic first step in purchasing any hot tub. Will it be just yourself and maybe your partner in the spa? Do you have children who’ll be taking a dip? Do you plan on throwing hot tub parties (hot tub time machine anyone?). These are factors that will decide whether you need a 2 person hot tub, a 9 person hot tub or something in between 
  • Lounge vs Non Lounge
This decision is completely based upon personal preference. Some spa owners love to lay back in a lounge seat, look up to the sky and let their day melt away. Others find that that they float a little in the lounge seats and they prefer to have that same relaxation in a seated position. Lounge seats also take up a bit more "seat space" so keep that in mind when making this decision.
  • Don’t be fooled by the amount of jets!
We’ve heard stories of hot tub owners who purchase a tub with a ton of jets only to have their massage fall far short of expectations. How come? PUMPS! Having 100+ jets means nothing if you only have sub-par pumps responsible for them all. Massage power comes 1st from quality and quantity of pumps then once that’s decided then you can start counting up those jets! As our very own Tim likes to say " If you purchase a Ferrari with a go-cart engine, than you just own an expensive go-cart"
  •  Insulation
Experienced hot tub owners will tell you that the fall & winter are the best hot tub seasons. The cold, wet weather can take a toll on sore joints and cooler air results in extra steam that really adds to the spa experience. With that being said, these are the months where you’ll feel the difference between lackluster insulation and top of the line insulation. When speaking with your salesperson about a hot tub, ask them directly about the insulation. If they try to skirt around the topic or brush it off, then you need to dig deeper. We recommend purchasing with insulation that’s designed to trap the heat given off from the pumps to lessen the workload of the heater. 
  • Warranty
In most cases the warranty on smaller items like jets, lights and pillows will be the same regardless of the company. The warranty on the pumps, spa pack (electrical) and heater however are a different story. Make sure to get details on the warranty terms and conditions and also ask if the company themselves deal with warranty issues or if they expect you to deal with he manufacturer directly. 
  • Delivery
Believe it or not, some "big box" companies will only drop off your hot tub in the driveway and leave you to deal with moving it to the backyard yourself! Choose a company that will take the time to carefully place the spa in your desired location, set up your accessories, like a cover lifter or steps, and answer any questions you may have before cleaning up and leaving.
  •  Service 

With all the excitement of buying a spa, service sometimes gets glossed over. Make sure the retailer you’re purchasing from is one that stands behind their product, services the spa’s and even offers maintenance programs. It also helps when they offer high quality spa products and accessories.

  • Price

 Like most things in life, hot tub prices can vary largely from one company to another but it’s important to dig deeper then the price tag. A lot of discount spa dealers sell you on a fancy looking spa with sub-par insulation & pumps and they probably don’t handle any service issues or warranty claims. On the other end, sometimes you pay big money for a decent spa with an “expensive” brand name. Find out WHY a tub is priced the way it is. Does it cost a little more because it has extra pumps, upgraded insulation, state of the art blue tooth stereo or Wi-Fi controls? On the other hand, if there’s a “too good to be true” sale it could just be a floor model clearance and you’re simply just getting a steal of a deal. 


We help over 200 families a year purchase a new hot tub and these are 8 of the points we're sure go over every time. We hope they help you decide on the best hot tub for you!

Good Luck!

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