6 considerations when purchasing an above ground pool

Buying a new pool is an exciting time for any family! Here are 6 considerations when purchasing an above ground pool

  • Size of your yard
This one may seem simple but it’s something that some pool shoppers forget to consider. For example, if you have “space” for a 15’x21’ oval pool, doesn’t mean you should purchase that large. Keep in mind how much space you want left over for a deck, patio or just open space for kids or pets to use. Most bi-laws also require you to be 5’ away from fences or property lines.


  • Type of pool

A lot of pool shoppers didn’t know this was even an option! You may have ruled out an inground pool but have you considered a semi-inground pool? A semi-inground pool is exactly what it sounds like, a pool that’s buried halfway (or a little more) into the ground. This is an ideal solution for yards with a deep slope or for those who don’t like the aesthetic of a fully above ground pool. While more expensive than an above ground pool, a semi-inground pool is still by far cheaper than an inground pool.


  • Pool material

What’ll ya have? Steel, Hybrid Resin or Wood? Again, more options that you may not have even known about! A steel pool will be your most cost-efficient option while still providing a quality swimming experience for years to come. A hybrid resin pool is a step up from the steel pool and is saltwater ready. Pine pools are the “creme de la crème” of above ground & semi inground pools. Aesthetically pleasing, long lasting, durable pine structure with a large selection of environmentally friendly stains.  


  • Regular Chlorine or Salt Generator

Just like anything else, there are pros & cons to either option. Salt water pools have lower chlorine levels which make them much gentler on the eyes and skin. Salt water pools produce softer-feeling water, which many find desirable and they also require less maintenance. The cons are simple; the initial cost is higher for a salt pool and there are certain pool structures and equipment that salt doesn’t agree with. Opting for a regular chlorine pool is often done for budgetary reasons as well as some first time pool owners prefer the simplicity of a basic chlorine treatment.


  • Do you want a pool heater?

With a pool heater you’ll be able to enjoy your pool earlier in the season and longer into the early fall then those pools without a heater. This option comes with a higher initial investment, however most decide the extra cost is worth the extra weeks of usage they’ll get out of their new pool.


  • Does the company you're purchasing from offer installation & service

This is a biggie! You’d be surprised how many companies just want to sell you a pool and wipe their hands of anything afterwards. Research your companies carefully. Make sure they have professional installers (if you don’t want to do it yourself) and a dedicated pool service team. Also consider whether your pool company is seasonal or if they be around to answer any questions past September. Does the company offer advice on water care and sell quality pool chemicals and accessories? These may seem like small details but when you’re spending good money on a new pool, you want to make sure the company stands behind their product and takes care of their customers.


These are just a few of the basic tips you should consider when purchasing your new above ground or semi-inground pool! When you're ready to get started, we're here 7 days a week to help!